The objective of this holistic education is to develop sharp minds that observe, absorb and apply, in consonance with fit and healthy bodies and an enlightened soul.

A Sharp Mind

The learning process involves improving the cognitive abilities of all students to the highest possible level, developing high level thinking skills, educating them to think creatively and learning to solve problems through innovative methods.

A Healthy Body

The physical and sporting activities are geared towards improving all aspects of the student’s physical self, such as strength, stamina, motor skills, reflexes, concentration and self discipline. The wider benefits of the programme are to do with building team spirit, peer camaraderie, healthy competition and fair play.

An Enlightened Soul

A thematic study of the Qur'an and other authentic Islamic books complemented with a Tarbiyyah programme is designed to nurture Taqwa, noble characteristics of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and love for Allah, love for His Prophet and love for their religion.


ZIA curriculum consists of three strands that are carefully selected and integrated to promote the development of the mind, body and soul of every student. These are:

Under the globally recognized and widely accepted programme from Cambridge International, which also include IGCSE, the school offers range of subjects like: English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Geography, Design & Technology, Accounts, Business Studies, Art and Craft, Arabic, Urdu and many other languages. Standard 13 offers an advance learning course and ‘A level’ exams to students for the chosen subjects. The courses are acceptable to all Indian and international universities including Harvard, Yale and MITC.

Physical Education and sports promote good health and fitness. They inculcate many values such as fair play, team spirit, persistence, hard work, discipline etc. The range of indoor and outdoor activities encourages recreation. It also promotes entrepreneurship, artistic talent and multi-media skills.

Thematic studies of the Quran and Islamic/Arabic studies are complemented with a strong Tarbiyyah Programme to develop noble characteristics of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). These studies are designed to help students develop an in-depth understanding of their faith. Eventually this will help them to have a strong sense of self esteem in their Islamic identity.


The Academy is mentored by two very successful leaders in the field of education in international schools in the UK and other countries around the world. They are accomplished professional trainers. The faculty will be led by the senior leadership team that is highly experienced in training teachers with international standards. All teachers will be required to be fully engaged in the Academy’s training and development programmes which are based on the Cambridge Professional Development Qualifications, to ensure their teaching skills and ability is continuously improving and benefitting the students. Our faculty is organised as follows:

  • Principal
  • Deputy Principal
  • Heads of the Academic Departments
  • Teachers
  • Laboratory Technicians
  • Librarians
  • Support Staff


All prospective candidates will need to complete Entrance Level Tests for the Cambridge stream and the Islamic Studies/Hifdh stream to check suitability. Candidates will need to score within the acceptable range, for entry into the school and the relevant class.

ZIA is a fee-paying residential school for boys. It has an Islamic character and upholds Islamic values and morals. The admission is based on a satisfactory report from the prospective student's previous school from Year 1 upwards and the completion of the entrance procedures set by the school.

The Prerequisites are :

  • The completion of entry assessments set by the school for each year group by the aspiring students.
  • A child / parental interview with ZIA
  • A signed admission form, as well as the school & parent agreement form, by the parents of the prospective students.
  • Payment of fees to secure a seat.

Eligible overseas students are required to undertake a language proficiency assessment before a place is offered. This includes a written assessment and may also include an interview in person or via electronic media. ZIA reserves the right to refuse entry and progress into any year of the school’s structure if the opinion of the Principal and teachers does not meet the educational, pastoral and social needs of the student concerned.

Admissions Open for the Academic Session 2019-2020 Classes 3rd - 9th