1.What is ZIA all about?

Our vision is to provide holistic education to all our students in an environment that imparts the true essence of Islam. The purpose is to make them successful learners and leaders. They would then develop an enduring desire to perform their religious duties, live in harmony with fellow citizens and contribute positively to the social, political and economic well-being of their country.

2. Is the Cambridge Curriculum recognised in Indian Education System?

YES, it Cambridge qualifications are also the most popular qualifications with universities across the world. (Link to Cambridge website).

3. Will the child be able to get admission elsewhere in any other board in case of change of school in India or abroad?

Yes, as the Cambridge qualification is universally recognized (but please check with individual school).

4. How competitive is the course to equip the child for various competitive exams compared to other boards here?

Our curriculum and teaching methodology prepares all students with knowledge, understanding and skills that will enable them with a capability to sit exams from other boars and succeed.

5. Will the Cambridge certification after passing out form ZIA not affect the employability of the child in good organistaions?

The Cambridge qualifications are valued by universities and employers and in fact provide a competitive edge to students.

6. What is the Annual fees Structure and its break?

Fee Structure

7. Does ZIA have a branch anywhere else?

Currently this is the only school, but plans are being developed for a Boys’ school KG/Primary at the same campus.

8. Is ZIA safe and secured from Boys’’ boarding point of view?

The School is situated in one of the safest areas and has a security fence all around the school compound. The school is also guarded by a team of security guards. In addition to this the Senior Leadership Team is trained to adopt and implement Safeguarding policies and procedures which are stringent in terms of child safety.

9. What is the medical facility for the students on the campus?

On campus we will have all staff /teachers trained in first aid. And regular medical check ups of all students.
We will also have a nurse with necessary medical equipments for emergencies.
We will have close affiliation with a new multi speciality hospital close to the campus for further medical aid called Manipal Hospital and other hospitals.

10. What would be time/schedule to see the ward over the weekend/off day?

We will have one /two weekends in the month for parents to visit. The timing and schedule will be shared with parents of admitted students. (Link to schedule page).

11. Are day scholars also allowed in the school?

No, currently this is a boarding school.

12. Are boarding students allowed to have vehicles?


13. How will my boarding student receive spending money?

Spending money is provided by the parents but the school will have a system to help students utilize it in the best possible way. Students should have just enough to cover expenses at a tuck shop, limited to about 1,000 per month.

14. When my child has a flight, what are the customary arrangements for getting to and from the school?

Parents would be requested to take responsibility of doing this.

15. How many students are in a room?

The school has comfortable with high quality furnishings 20 students per dorm.

16. What options do the boarding students have for extracurricular and sports activities?

The school will have a range of sports and recreational activities as well as fun type activities to ensure students are provided with full opportunities to pursue their interests and to develop them.

17. What are the arrangements at the boarding to take care of food and nutrition of the students when they are away from home?

Food Menu is developed by the Food Committe where student representative also take part.

18. What sort of Uniform be provided for the academic and various other activities at the school? What is the cost involved in procuring the uniform, or is it included in the annual fee?

We will have four uniforms, a winter , summer,house and sports . The school would provide one set of uniform for each initially. It will be compatible with Islamic teachings with consideration for the students comfort in terms of weather and movement.
Rest additional sets would be chargeable.

19. Would the children be taken on excursion tours during the academic period? The school will send prior intimation to parents for all consents and will ensure safe trips outside the school campus.

Yes, there will be educational and fun trips to enhance student experience.

20. How will the school collaborate with the other international schools?

The teachers will have opportunities to collaborate with teachers from other Cambridge schools and also teachers from UK and Saudi Arabia to enrich the learning experiences for all our students.