ZIA offers all its students, a unique exposure to global perspectives. Students benefit from the rich, extensive and international experience of the school’s leadership.

Cambridge International Programmes

Cambridge programmes provide students with further opportunities to broaden their international experience by careful collaborations with students from around the world who are studying the same programmes. These are designed to prepare students for life – helping them develop an informed curiosity and lasting passion for learning. They also help students become confident, responsible, reflective, innovative and proactive - ready to tackle the demands of the contemporary world and be capable of shaping it into a better one for the future. Cambridge is a firm stepping stone to some of the world’s best universities in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and many more. Additionally, it is aligned well with universities in India; it comes naturally to an organisation that is an intrinsic component of the world’s leading university, the University of Cambridge. Successful students have often attributed their performance in college and life thereafter to the strong foundation of education received here.

Madani Schools Federation UK

Madani High School is the first Muslim-purpose school established in 2007 in Leicester, UK to provide high quality education to students from British Muslim community in a protected Islamic environment. Its students have consistently performed well and the school is ranked amongst the top 5% schools of the UK. The school which is a centre of educational excellence, encourages and supports all participants to become life long learners so that they could achieve their full potential. The inculcated core values assist all learners to become confident in their identity as British Muslims. They encourage an enduring desire in learners to perform their religious duties, live in harmony with fellow citizens and contribute positively to the social, political and economic well-being of their country. The school was previously named Leicester Islamic Academy, a private fee paying school and was highly praised by a former Prime Minister of the UK. Due to its cohesive curriculum, it is now a government funded school.

Association of Muslim Schools, UK (AMSUK)

The Director has also been the chairman of AMSUK for 12 years, and has helped many schools to develop and excel during the period. The schools belonging to the association have succeeded in educating thousands of students to progress and secure places in some of the top universities in the UK.