ZIA's ‘Blended Learning Methodology’ is a balanced approach that uses modern technology as well as conventional textbooks to promote student centric, independent and collaborative learning. It ensures that all learners make good progress and achieve their full potential. It equips teachers with these methodologies to help them deliver effective lessons. Some of the key features and benefits of Blended Learning are listed below:

  • Promotes student engagement in impactful learning lessons
  • Provides all students with round-the-clock access to learning solutions
  • Develops skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork and data analysis to enable them to compete at the international level
  • Allows flexibility in the learning path organised through subjects, courses and modules
  • Improves ability to personalise learning and monitors individual progress so that learners can work at their pace
  • Enhances student motivation
  • Creates opportunities for regular assessment and rubrics
  • Adopts social learning platforms that support student and teacher productivity