All prospective candidates will need to complete an Entrance Level Test and score within the acceptable range, for entry into the school.

Admission Policy

ZIA is a fee-paying residential school for boys. It has an Islamic character and upholds Islamic values and morals. The admission is based on a satisfactory report from the prospective student’s previous school from Year 1 upwards and the completion of the entrance procedures set by the school.

The Prerequisites are :

  • The completion of entry assessments of aspiring students.
  • The completion of the entrance procedures as set by the school for each year group.
  • A signed declaration by all parents of the prospective students, which informs the school of all known special educational needs of their children.

Eligible overseas students are required to undertake a language proficiency assessment before a place is offered. This includes a written assessment and may also include an interview in person or via electronic media. ZIA reserves the right to refuse entry and progress into any year of the school’s structure if the opinion of the Principal and teachers does not meet the educational, pastoral and social needs of the student concerned.

Admissions Open for the Academic Session 2021-2022 Class 1st - 5th (Day Boarding) Class 4th - 8th (Full Boarding)